Make your own alkaline & antioxidant rich mineral drinking water. 

High Efficiency, Non-Electric, 90% Waste Water Reduction.

About My Water Cube

Drink-up! Say ... AAAH!


Affordable Alkaline Antioxidant H2O

A Perfect CUBE


18" x 18" x 18"



Make your own alkaline and antioxidant rich mineral drinking water.

Just a few reasons ...


Say Good-bye to Unfiltered Tap Water

There are more than 300 naturally occurring harmful chemicals & contaminants found in water supplies. It's essential to filter your water from Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Cyanide, Iron, Nitrates, and Mercury — just to name a few. City water sources also add in additional harmful contaminants such as: Fluoride and Chlorine.


Eliminate Bottled Water Waste

Bottled waters have no minerals so they leach calcium and other nutrients from YOU! 1 plastic water bottle can contribute 19 grams of carbon dioxide to our environment. In addition, approximately 92% of packaged plastic water bottles leach micro-plastics into the water. Refilling safe reusable bottles and containers reduces non-biodegradable waste, which saves the environment one plastic bottle at a time.


Alkaline Water

Alkaline pH levels of 8.0 to 10.5 taste smooth. Our water is alkaline and micro-clustered small enough to penetrate and fully hydrate even your tiny red blood cells. Each glass is filled with antioxidant and oxygen rich properties that fully hydrate, refresh and rejuvenate your body from head to toe.



Our affordable WATER CUBE reduces ground contaminants up to 99% before passing each droplet of water through a special re-mineralizing process that replaces the vital minerals our bodies crave. Plus, its high levels of antioxidants flush free radicals, neutralize acidic, and disease causing toxins.

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MY WATER CUBE is just one water filtration option. We have personal and whole house water systems to fit every budget and every living or business situation: office, home, apartment ... yes, even RV's and live-aboard boats.

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Do you know how much water to drink each day?

Dehydration is the number one cause of daytime fatigue, headaches, muddled thinking, arthritis pain, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, back pain, asthma, and more! By drinking the right amount of water for your body size (1 quart for every 30 lbs of body weight), daily, you can actively do your part to minimize acids and prevent and/or reverse disease.


Kimberley C.

So when you left yesterday after you set up my alkaline water system, I refilled my glass again. When I stopped drinking and took a breath of air, I realized I said AAAH!

Rhett & Emmaline H.

My Water Cube has turned our family into water connoisseurs. Anymore we can barely stand the taste of water from any other source. We take our alkaline water everywhere we go. 

Kelly L.

We have been drinking alkaline water since 2012 and are so happy to have the system installed in our home.

Samantha S. H.

I love my water and I love Dr. Roe! I literally owe my life to her!

Teresa A.

I’ve been drinking a lot more water since Dr. Roe’s at My Water Cube sent me my water filter for my kitchen. Who knew water could taste so delicious?!

John H. and Family

Our Family can’t thank you enough for your extremely kind and patient help with My Water Cube. Now that we have been drinking the water on a daily basis, our health has improved and our hydration is going up up up!!!! It is a rare pleasure to do business with a company like yours.